First project

First project

Sunday, April 17, 2011

grandma's kittens

I am gettIng this from my mom...It was started by my grandma .... my mom cousin had it for awhile after my grandma passed away with the intention of finishing it, she never did, after she saw my bird and monoply board on my facebook page she is giving it it me to finish .... I just need to pick it up from FL...

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  1. Before I started cross stitching, some 20 yrs ago, I used to do those works (don't know th English name for it). And as I they didn't work out as accurate as I would have liked them to do, I turned into cross stitching. The story behind the work is nice and I hope you can finish it!
    I'm a rather new blogger too, so welcome to the amazing blog world :)